How to Make Your Home Your Happy Place

How to Make Your Home Your Happy Place

  • Rosie Poliquin
  • 06/30/20
Guest Blog Post by Savannah Rose
If you are like me, you may have daily dreams about one day having your ideal home and life. I dream of having a simple cabin in the woods, where I can tend a garden and write my articles on a homemade wooden desk, with the sun filtering in through the floor-to-ceiling windows and my beautiful German Shepard sleeping beside me as I sip warm coffee from a locally-made ceramic mug. 
But, I’m not there yet. I still need to make a lot more money to be able to invest in the land and the building of my dream home. Currently, I live in a tiny apartment in SF -- the typical Silicon Valley starter home. Living in the city is great, but it is far from my dream. In the meantime, I’m not letting that stop me from appreciating what I have.
Many of us do not have our dream home yet. If you can afford your dream home, then good! Go do it! Now is the best time to buy in the Silicon Valley as it has now become a buyer's market. Check out the current listings here.
But for the rest of us, we still have a lot that we need to accomplish before we can get there. Even though we may not be able to afford our dream home yet, we can still create a semblance of our dream homes in our current or next-purchase homes. Our homes do not need to be perfect for us to enjoy it as much as we can in the current stage of our life while still reaching for our goal home.
So here is what you can do to start making your home your “happy place” now: 
1. Create a vision board or plan for your dream home.
How do you want it to look like, how do you want to feel in it, what's the aesthetic, what's the color palette?
2. If you have a spouse, confirm if they like it too.
If it's not their style, find a compromise. It’s both of your place so it’s important you both enjoy it or the happy place you create will be surrounded by arguments and negativity. My boyfriend and I have different styles. I’m more into the bohemian style whereas he likes the tech-y, modern designs which I find bland. But as we looked at furniture together, we found that there were some themes that we both love. We both like natural wood and iron pieces as well as fiesta-style and industrial color palettes. So I re-wrote my dream home plan to incorporate those themes. 
3. Once you finalize your dream home board, decide on what room you want to start on first.
What’s one room that you would like to be your “happy place”? As much as you want to do all the rooms, it’s best to start out with one room or you risk spreading out your time and money, resulting in mediocre rooms.
4. Now, using your vision board as a frame of reference, try redesigning the interior of that room or area to match.
This can be hard. Not all of us are natural interior designers, so you will need to try out a lot of things before you land it. Make sure you think hard about whether a piece would match or not. I have a bad habit of buying things that look “pretty” by itself, but when I incorporate it with the room, it is the wrong style and does not blend. However, the great part about doing this is that you get to try out different styles of furniture and decor to find out what you really like! If you find you don’t like the style, return it and update your vision board.
What was important for me was incorporating nature in my home. I wanted a little retreat so I can separate myself from the daily routine of life and feel like I’m in my own, private oasis. So, I focused on my patio. I purchased a hammock for our tiny patio and then, throughout the year, I bought several tropical, desert plants that fit perfectly next to our fiesta-colored hammock. When we first moved into the apartment, our patio was bare and gray and dreary; I barely stepped out on to it. But after decorating it in the style of my vision board, the patio is now my favorite place to be. Every morning before I start work, I will make myself an iced mocha and sit on my hammock, surrounded by my beautiful plants, as I watch the sunrise over the adjacent brick building. I love it. Now, it’s still not my dream home but I have my own little happy place to relax in as I reach for my goals.


Savannah Rose is the Creator of The Pressed Flower Diary. She blogs about simple living, navigating the American work culture, and living a meaningful life. She is also a full-time Human Resources professional in San Francisco with 6+ years of experience and a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. You can follow her on Instagram or Pinterest

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